SSP 2008 Video Presentation

13 08 2008

Hot off the internet press so to speak, fresh from the cutting room of my computer is the 2008 video presentation, after the jump… Read the rest of this entry »


Post SSP Post 2

28 07 2008

Well, I have done some pretty significant (for what stuff I have) work on the slideshow already, and so I just wanted to remind those of you who will see this to bring your pictures on Wednesday if you remember as well as any music you would like to see in the presentation.  I already have about 4 minutes of music I want to use, so I can probably use 2 or 3 more songs…

Post SSP Post 1

27 07 2008

Well, after returning earlier this morning, I spent some time to put together the panorama shots I took over the week so you can see them after the break…

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SSP Information Update:

16 07 2008

Well, as you all know from the meeting tonight, the plans have changed slightly, so some of the scheduling is a little different, but the important information is still applicable, so pay attention to that.

SSP Information

10 07 2008

Here are the final plans for SSP (full itinerary after the break):

Be at Zao on Wednesday July 16 and bring your parents as we will be going over these plans and any other necessary information.

On Friday, July 18 we will be traveling by bus and train to Sacramento where we will stay in the same church we stayed last year.  On Sunday we will take rental cars to SSP where we will stay the week.

The following Saturday (July 26) we will be returning to Sacramento by rental car and then will take the train and bus home.


  1. You must bring photo ID in order to travel.  As suggested by the name it must have your name and picture on it.  Acceptable forms of ID include but are not limited to: driver’s license, state ID, school ID.
  2. Pack compactly and in the fewest pieces of luggage possible.  You will have to transport all of your luggage and an additional piece of equipment (either a 5 gallon water conainer or large first aid kit) by yourself.
  3. Bring enough money for Friday dinner, all day Saturday, and Sunday breakfast for the trip up.  You also need money for Saturday lunch and dinner.  Be aware that dinner on the train will likely be slightly more expensive.
  4. Take good, exciting, and interesting pictures as I will be putting together another slide show this year and it turns out better and is easier with cool pictures.

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28 06 2008

1.  No Sunday School this Sunday as Amanda is out of town.

2.  No Zao on Wednesday as Amanda is out of town and there were no good substitutes available.

3.  We will be discussing week 2 of our Revelations study next Sunday (the first Sunday in July).  So be ready.

4.  We have an offer to go waterskiing in August.  If you are interested and committed, let us know so we can decide whether or not to go.

Capture the Flag – UPDATE

23 06 2008

Well, apparently Karl “traded” his good leg to an injured man out of the kindness of his heart.  This coupled with the fact that only 4 people from CUMC’s youth group could play and the supposed fact that it was “too hot to play” and thus, we were unable to utterly destroy CUMC officially and had to settle for a forfeit.  There was brief talk of rescheduling, so keep your ears open.

SIDE NOTE:  We don’t have enough info to merit a seperate post, but CUMC (specifically Karl) has invited us to a beach party on the 11th or 12th of July.  Once again, more info to follow…